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This is an example call for papers application, made to showcase how to make use of GitHub Actions to add user generated content to your JAMStack static site! Check out the repo.

Accepted submissions

Accepted submissions are added to the repository as json files, after the pull request is merged.

Submitted by a cat

This is not fine

Get these humans out of my house

Submitted by a dog

this is fine

I'm okay with the events that are unfolding currently

Submitted by Núria

Kill the back-end: Bring user-generated content to JAMStack with GitHub Actions

Static sites have been making a comeback these last few years. With the JAMStack approach (J-A-M stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup), we can statically generate sites with lots of content, like blogs, that have fast performance, excellent SEO, better security, straightforward scalability, and great developer experience. But nothing is perfect and JAMStack sites have their drawbacks too, one of them being limited ability to handle user-generated content… until now! GitHub Actions are a way to automate software workflows. Running tests, linting, building and deploying is the most typical flow that will probably come to mind. But this is just the beginning, GitHub Actions open a new world of possibilities for JAMStack sites. In this talk we'll see how we can turn GitHub into our own Content Management System that will receive user submissions from the client-side application, validate them and publish them, all without any backend server involved!

Submitted by Núria

An awesome talk

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